AdvancedMD Innovator of the Year Award Winner

PBMS is thrilled to be awarded the Innovator of the Year from AdvancedMD for 2016.  We have been working with AMD for 22 years.  We received this award based on our expert use of the system.  We excel at AdvancedScheduling, AdvancedPM, AdvancedBenchmarking and AdvancedInsight (which is their reporting module).  If you want to check out the link to the award page, click the link below:





A New Year Filled with New Adventures

It wasn't too long ago the ICD-10 took the medical community by storm. Whether you were in support of standardizing medical codes for California to meet the rest of the country or not, there were some who were prepared and others who were not. Many billing companies are turning a blind eye, cross-walking codes for their clients, which seems like a sweet deal for the clients. But who is really benefiting. Are you really trusting your medical biller to crosswalk those codes for you? What if they aren't maximizing your profits? 

What at first seemed like an easy out, has now turned into a profit drowning experience. At PBMS we have many ICD10 certified coders on staff, that are equipped with the knowledge to help many of our providers through this transition. We conducted training's as well as phone consults and refresher courses for our clients, emphasizing the importance of their knowledge and key insights on their own procedures, to choose the correct codes. 

We are dedicated to our provider's business success. After all, their success is our success. But now that 2016 is in full swing and ICD10 the expectation, how confident are physicians in using it? Thankfully, PBMS is offering a Free coding evaluation to potential clients. We are here to help in anyway we can and if we can gain your trust and business in the process we are happy to assist. 

Payments Are Coming in for 10/1 DOS

ICD-10 claims, those with dates of service after 10/1, are getting paid so far by, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, United Health Care, and Medicare. Others are pending. With amazing preparation, training, and support PBMS has seen a smooth transition. 

We anticipate that they all won't be easy, but we are armed with the knowledge and training to make sure ICD-10 is not  a problem for our providers. Can you say the same about your billing? We aren't saying that your office staff (if they are the one's doing the billing), are the problem, instead we believe the industry is becoming more complex and difficult to navigate. We have the resources and knowledge to help do what needs to be done, and that's to get you your money.