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Physician Enrollment & Credentialing

Physician Enrollment & Credentialing

This is an often tedious and meticulous process which is commonly disregarded until it’s too late.  Whether you are a new provider starting your professional career or a tenured practicing physician, we can help.  Our Credentialing and Enrollment experts specialize in various needs across the healthcare delivery spectrum such as:  start-ups, initial credentialing files, new corporations, facilities, and Federally Qualified Health Centers.  Annual new regulations bring change and new processes, which we pride ourselves on staying current.

PBMS fully understands the implications and impact of provider enrollment and updated credentialing.  Utilizing our services will provide you an enhanced in-house credentialing department whom you can rely upon for delivering and communicating these updates and changes to you.  We maintain your provider profiles, and keep hospital and insurance payors current so their are no surprises.

Our process for the provider is completely digital including obtaining signatures for your documents!  We track deadlines, schedule reminders of upcoming expiration and renewal dates, and you and your key employees will all be informed of the progress and what is happening.  All of the time.

Let us help you stay focused on treating patients without the hassle of a facility or payor denying access because you have out-of-date credentials!